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Straight White Atheist Racist Men Exemplifying Decency, known by the acronym S.W.A.R.M.E.D. is an organization for White men who are dedicated to the principles of White Exclusivity.


White Exclusivity, also known as White Exclusivism, is an ideology that seeks to preserve, defend, and protect, the purity and integrity of the White Race by excluding those things of non-white origin that would compromise, pollute, and contaminate our race's society, culture, and gene pool. At the same time, White Exclusivists work to regain control over the countries that the White race has built and endeavor to restore our civilization to the kind of society that decent White people want to live in.


Moreover, S.W.A.R.M.E.D. rejects and repudiates any and all forms of cultural, social, and moral degeneracy, depravity, and indecency, including miscegenation (race-mixing), homosexuality, promiscuity, drunkenness, drug abuse, feminism, leftist liberalism, communism, and cultural-Marxism, while honoring our race by upholding its values of loyalty, integrity, decency, and respect for all that is good, wholesome, honest and pure. Because S.W.A.R.M.E.D. is dedicated to the above principles, and to intellectual fortitude, we summarily denounce, reject, and disavow any belief in the Hebrew god known as Yahweh, Jehovah, the God of Israel, and/or the Jew known as Jesus, Yeshua, the Christ, etc., as being wholly alien to and unworthy of our people, the White Race; and likewise we reject any association with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other religion originating outside of Europe among non-white people.


Why do socially conservative, racist, White men need an organization that is atheist in nature? Because superstition and the gullibility that fosters it is antithetical to the best interests of the White Race. The delusional belief that an immortal, eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful consciousness could exist in either a physical or non-physical form, independent of the universe that it is supposedly responsible for having created, simply is not possible due to the nature of physics. This being the case, religious belief serves no useful purpose other than as a means to manipulate and exploit believers in religion, and as such is not suitable for Whites to be subjected to, as its propagation relies upon trickery and deception.


Moreover, religion is dependent on cowardice and ignorance, as only those who are intellectually deficient and fearful of imaginary, non-existent beings are troubled by such irrational beliefs enough to be frightened into submission to them - a state that is wholly unworthy of the White race.

While some might try to argue that religion is needed to instill fear of supernatural consequences for behaviors that are not sanctioned by society, this line of reasoning fails to consider that religion cannot make inherently degenerate people (who are born with an innate desire to engage in depravities) lose their compulsion to do so, nor is religion what makes inherently decent people desire to eschew deviant behavior. In a society ruled by law and government, ordered and established by decent White men, the state has real power to punish those who engage in reprehensible acts, and the threat of such real world punishment is a far greater deterrent than any superstitious belief in supernatural consequences might be. Christian Nationalists often mistakenly think of themselves as “White Nationalists” because they happen to be White; but despite what many Christians may think and erroneously believe, Christianity is not a White religion. Christianity is a multiculturalist cult created by Jews to promote the worship of the Jew Jesus as the “only begotten son” of the Jewish god, Yahweh.


The Bible, which Christians consider their religion’s sacred text, was written by Jews, about Jews, for Jews, in what is now Israel, a country located between Cairo and Baghdad, in the Middle East, well outside of Europe and which was never a White country nor a European homeland (although the Greeks and the Romans conquered it and ruled over its non-white inhabitants as subjects of their Eastern Empire. The fact that Christian Nationalists are completely devoted to the non-White religion of Christianity, which places its non-white God in a state of supremacy over everything else in their lives makes Christian Nationalism fundamentally incompatible with White Nationalism, which seeks to expunge and eradicate all non-white rule, control, influence and contamination from White nations, their peoples, and the lives, hearts, souls, and minds of Whites. White Nationalism is White exclusivism. It is an ideology based on purity in the same way that Whiteness is a state of genetic purity - free of contamination of impure, non-white, ancestry and DNA.

White Nationalism therefore cannot embrace non-white religions such as Christianity or Islam, because the purpose of religion is subjugation, control, and domination over the lives, hearts and minds of those who can be made to believe in religion, and there can be no place in White Nationalism for any ideology of non-white origin that subjugates, controls, and dominates White people with belief in a non-white God originating out of and belonging to a non-white race, such as the God of Israel that Christians worship and subject themselves to under servile domination.

While S.W.A.R.M.E.D. as an intellectually stringent organization does not accept those who believe in god(s) or other imaginary phenomenon (such as ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, or magic) as members, we do welcome those who honor and respect their own White ethnic culture who choose to engage in rites and ceremonies celebrating the native European pagan festivals as expressions of cultural pride by way of performance art, as a means of preserving and maintaining European ethnic traditions rooted in the heritage of those who celebrate them.


The primary objective of S.W.A.R.M.E.D. is to lead by example as role-models for our race by setting and following the high standards of rational, secular, intellectual, White decency that others will respect, admire, envy and wish to emulate, while at the same time swarming the public, by way of social media and other accessible venues, with information that will enlighten and awaken them as to the threat our race is facing from our eternal enemies, through the posting of data, memes, and links such as are included here on this site, with the understanding that religious belief, superstition, and attachments to non-nationalist political ideologies must be eliminated so that White Exclusivism can take hold.