You Are A Slave Neo

Everyone. All are born into slavery. Since at least AD 1933. The BIRTH CERTIFICATED PERSON IS IN Babylon (color of Law. Persons of color). The banana in the cage that captures the monkey because he/she refuses to let go of the banana (Privileges). NONE are exempt. You are a slave Neo. You were born into a prison you can not see, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind.

Except one be the children of the kingdome.

S. Matthew XVII. 26, etc. Neo. New. II Corinthians V. 17-21 refers to the exchange mechanism. Ministry of reconciliation (exchange - Greek) both banking terms. Trade your DNA twin - the vessel on the Monopoly Board (literally what they are doing) a fiction created by aborting the born alive DNA twin when baby (you) was born and having Mother sign the certificate as an informant giving information regarding and suretie for the vessel to set sail in commerce governed in maritime by Admiralty.

The National consecration of FDR in AD 1933 is both a snare and a cure depending on One (you/me) making the exchange and coming out of Babylon (Reuelation XVIII 4) not conforming to the world rather transforming to God (Romanes XII. 1,2)...

The Lord told us the Lawyers have taken the keys of knowledge and being graues that appeare not, they hinder us from entering the kingdome (S. Luke XI. 44-46, 52)

He told and showed us he was giuing us the keys to the kingdome (S. Matthew. XVI. 19; XVIII. 18) The lawyers took the keys, he gave them back.

We know he means us also because cool jewel he is he left the record in the booke ( S. Iohn XVII. 18-21)

It is really bringing new Hierusalem down from above invoking in Ones own life his will and testament, which is the Christ-head (your head) of all things. Christ dwells within you as you (S. Luke XVII. 21; Colossians I. 26, 27; Philippians II. 5,6, 13; I John III. 1-3).

ALL things will come into natural alignment as these first things (S. Matthew VI. 30-33) are pursued.

As can see in II Corinthians V. 17 on the sidebar it says regarding if any man in Christ he is a new creature (Neo) ... let him be.

Farther down it shows Christ you stands instead of the fictitious.

Encourage all in these things. It's how One can ouercome and rule ( Reuelation II. 25-29)

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