Why Are So Many "White Nationalists" Athiest?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

I have been aware of the need for our people to "waken and unite" for about a decade now, but I still see the majority of self proclaimed "white nationalists" returning to, or "circling their wagons around" a more pagan solution to the “White Plight“ than any rational thinking European is comfortable with.

However, equally as frustrating is the lack of any real concern from the “self-professed“ Christian Europeans about the plight of our race, but rather, a disturbing embracing and celebrating of it by the “establishment church and her begotten bastard denominations. So I found myself "among" the Pagan White Nationalists, learning from them, agreeing with them about “much of the issues” (clearly not all) that we face today as Europeans.

Howbeit, whenever I brought up the pinnacle topic of our religious heritage: namely, Christianity, and how it seems suicidal not to note the stunning similarities found in the holy scriptures concerning us and the Jews with respect to their rebellion against God; the majority of "White Nationalists" would oft passionately explain to me what they perceived, or felt to be "the fundamental problems with Christianity for the cause" from their perspective, irrespective of their level of intelligence. Wherefore, I've continually sought to unpack their concerns only to discover, in nearly every case, that the very thing they hate [strongly dislike] about Christianity can be summed up in their misunderstanding of it. Part and parcel to the misrepresentation of doctrine taught by nearly all major denominations of Christianity for the last sixty-five plus years in the West.

What is it that White Nationalists hate about Christ? Well, for starters, he was a Jew, or he wasn’t even a real historical figure, but was invented by our enemies, THE JEWS, to weaken us and enslave us into degeneracy and non exclusivity, all the while having us worship a false prophet, BASTARD JEW, that they invented. Another false projection of Christianity by the White Nationals is that Europeans have nothing to do with Jews, or their laws, or their beliefs because they are fictional, superstitious and inferior for intelligent white atheistic people now rooted in science, so called. There are several problems with these views. One, it's foolish to surmise the Jews created Christianity to enslave us when all the historical evidence points to the contrary. Yes, Christianity was born out of the Jewish People, but the Jewish and Greek Authorities wholly rejected Christianity at the time of Christ [granted the Greek-European Roman Ruling Elite were reluctant to condemn Christ, showing God’s divine prodding of Pilate and his wife and the Greeks eventually did accepted him as their Christ] while the general, poor people accepted it.

Was it because the general people where simple? Dumb? Inferior? Too stupid to see through the lie of Jesus and his followers? After all, (Christ and his original followers were Jews), and on average Jews have a higher IQ then any other people group in the earth. The historical and official credit of our European LAW & ORDER come not from the Europeans, but the Jews. Those that call themselves Jews today are not the lawful God fearing Jews depicted in the Bible that God loved and led, but that of the stiff-necked,God rejecting, self righteous ones that perished in the Wilderness.

Western Civilization received it's heritage and great prosperity from it's Christian Values (derived from the King of The Jews) as Douglas Murray pointed out in his best selling book, "The Strange Death of Europe," the problem with the black and brown 3rd Worlders rushing into all, and ONLY European Lands to enjoy the human rights that were gifted to her from her deeply held Christian Faith, which she has since abandoned, begs the question... Do human rights still exist without the God that gave them to us? And if so, why?

What is a Jew? The Jewish Question needs to be rethought, or rather, reviewed. Not in the sense that the Jews are not guilty of the destruction and pollution that history ascribes to them; because they are, but that they are even Jews in the sense of the word. And let us not forget (and most white nationalists seem to have selective amnesia concerning certain matters) that though “We The People“ owe the current jew nothing more than we owe any other race in Earth, we do owe them respect. To understand this mystery you must be truly able to see passed the deception and corruption that our people have been plagued with since the fall, and displacement (or loss) of the tribes and identities we once knew. Perhaps this is the reason why degeneration occurs in the first place. (See DNA, Why We Age- David Sinclair).

Without going too deep into the history and facts of what it truly means to be WHITE or JEW-ISH, I will simply appeal to the Nationalists that already know the basics about the GREAT REPLACEMENT. Could there be more to this than just population replacement? Could this have significant meaning when considering the Jew & Christian And their close “kindred genetics and faith?” Perhaps those that call themselves Jews today seek to “replace the Genuine Whites” as to not have any competition when it comes to the World Stage. Why is THE JEW the greatest destroyer of the European? Why does that which looks like us and lives among us hate us so? (Mein Kampf).

What would happen if no European (White) Nations (Traditionally Christian) were left as a majority in their own homelands? What nation would "appear" to be the only majority white nation to the remaining (surrounding) black and brown people? Well, after the Europeans are completely marginalized and minorities, then the next “whitest folk to be attacked is East Asians. This has already begun in Ivy League Schools here in the West. The End Result, prophetically, is a global citizenship of slave mongrels surroundings the Enemies of Christ, namely, The Jews and the Great State of Israel. Those that call themselves Semites, Jews, Israelites, etc., have for the last 2000+ years been defined by our people as Anti-Christ. (Rev.3:9).

Why do the Jews, though they appear white, hate and seek to destroy CHRISTIAN WHITE COUNTRIES? You only need ask them... it is CHRIST. It is our people’s acceptance of him as Lord and King of the Jews that they dispise! They see us as they see Christ, defectors of Israel, and we saw them as frauds and defectors of Christ, the True Jew. At least that has been the narrative for the last 2000 years! What changed? I would say, we did! Not them!!!! Because they are either right about Christ, and he was, and is the FALSE (WHITE) LIGHT and ”they” are the real LIGHTS; or they are what Jesus said they were, “white washed graves, that ‘appear white on the outside, but inside are full of death/darkness/devils.’ Let it also be noted that most of the Jews on Stage admit to identifying with their Jewish Heritage rather than faith. Meaning, the majority of dominant Jews were, and are Atheist.

Whites have lost their identity. So now they seek to find it in Pagan or Greek Folklore. All the while rejecting the truth of what they are... God’s faithful Church. The lost Tribes of the house of Israel that Christ came to save. The true Jews that carried the Stones (St.Ones) wherever they wandere, even to the Isles. God promised King David that he would never cease to have an heir sitting on HIS Throne forever. Where is the Throne of the Real Jews? what race of people have always coronated their kingdom on the Jewish Coronation Stone of Scone, historically Jaccob’s Stone!

We are the kings that conquered all barbarians nations for Christ for the last 2000+ years! Now we have chose to forget our Angelic Priesthood and believe the Children of Lies that we are nothing more than a people meant to be displaced by ungodly mongrels.

A jew, originally spelled in the 1611 King Iames Bible is spelled two ways, iew and iewe. To know the patterns you

lust study regularly. What are ewes? are they not lambs? Sheep? “My sheep hear my voyce and they follow me.”

The original English spellings of words were more liquid and more clearly fit together like a pattern. There was no standardized spelling; and words relied on meaning, context, and association. As Indiana Jone’s discovered, there is no “j” when it comes to bending reality, as well as forming it, for that matter. Words could be spelled many different ways and there was a purity and continuity among the English. English literally means Angelish.

For ensample, I am writing woordes as they formally wrote wordes to shew how spells were cast & to shewe the patterne set forth in a sentence, or sentiment thereby. And the iewe was fairest of all, and the iewell, was desired of all the inhabitants of Earth, for she was the apple of God’s eie. Wherefore, the more you (ewe) see the lambe of God that taketh away the sins of the World, the clearer The Iewe lambe without freckle or defect becomes to thee. For you might better vnderstand why the World that hates Him so, also hates those people for retaining His true light. Even if the reflection ever fades. The Natural European Christian (or True IEWE), even though still flawed, is still, collectively, a greater light against darkness than any other Natural people group. Else, why does the whole world run to them for aid?

You see, the pattern is clearer when you look vp and see fair skies are called clear and blue and recall the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Jesus is called KING OF THE IEWES (lambs), THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and the Son of King David who was also hated by the darker philistines because he had a fair and ruddy complexion, with fair eyes. He was hated for being white.

—1 Samuel 17:42 And when the Philistine looked about, and saw Dauid, hee disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a faire countenance.—

Confirmed recently Mar 13 2014 by African American Princeton Professor Emeritus; Nell Painter, in her speech to her colleagues at the Jefferson Memorial Lectures, “The Whites (Slavs) have factually and largely always been the chosen slave race of all of humanity throughout history.”

True racism is a hatred of Whiteness, of purity, of fairness, which has been chiefly found in the Europeans at the height of their faith in Christ. Christian Nations still hold the line, and has no threat until the corruption was sown in by the satanic synagogue that call ”themselves jews” but are not. Henry Ford warned us of this In his 4 Volume Collection “The International Jew.” (Members:See file share).

So, as to not elongate this article further than I already have, the issue of the “white nationalists” who hate the Jews for their wickedness have in essence become the false Jews they hate by forsaking the very faith in Christ that originally set them apart, and made them Enemies of the Jew and the world.

Wherein they have now agreed with the Atheistic Jews (Synagogue of Satan-Rev 3:9) about Jesus Christ confirming with their jew-ish adversaries that they themselves are not the light of the world, and "have become like the Jews they hate," autonomous, self worshipers, worshiping the creation and Nature (The natural) rather than the Creator (The Spiritual) who is forever praised.

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