THAT BRAVE KID - Victim Painted As Aggressor

Kyle Rittenhouse is now infamous. Although, based off our review of the situation and his character (what can be gleaned from his public, online history and news reports), Kyle didn’t want to become an internet meme for the Dissident Right or be considered a “white supremacist, mass shooter, terrorist, Nazi, fascist” for the Far Left. Prior to the unfortunate incident in Kenosha, he looks like your standard All-American boy next door, perhaps with a little bit more appreciation for gun culture than most.

The Kyle Rittenhouse types of the world were a mainstay of Old America. He obviously was proficient in handling a weapon, especially for his age. He volunteered to clean up graffiti left by roaming mobs of antifa and BLM rioters. He was, per his own admission, in Kenosha, Wisconsin to protect private property and businesses. When he was younger, he was a member of a youth police cadet program. There are plenty of pictures of a very young Rittenhouse in the uniform of a soldier, fireman, and police officer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with growing up that way. Plenty of boys play “war” in the backyard with Nerf guns (or sticks) and dress up as soldiers.

Kyle is, essentially, a Civic Nationalist, as well as, a Trump and “Back the Blue” supporter. Not exactly our cup of tea, but there is nothing wrong with this line of thinking, this is standard Flyover America ideology. As of this writing, he is now becoming something of a folk hero. That may give antifa, the Far Left, and the media the vapors, but it is reality. The Silent Majority have watched, in absolute horror for months, the antifa goons and BLM rioters tear down monuments to our history (including non-Southern ones), ignite buildings on fire, block roads, attack and beat people on sight, smash windows, lay siege to federal property, and other acts of barbarism.

As hard as the media has tried to hide that destruction under the veil of “mostly peaceful” protesting, your red blooded American (be they Southern or otherwise) has profoundly had enough. They rightly believe that their eyes aren’t lying. They can walk through the burned husks of their cities and come to the accurate conclusion that insane anarcho-communists, with a penchant for spray painting “F*ck White People” and “ACAB,” have been given license to destroy their country. The Democratic Party has refused to denounce antifa and BLM rioters even after trying to burn down a church and overrun the White House. Average people can see through the charade now. It can’t be hidden any longer.

So, when some young man goes to Kenosha to help protect property from a horde of looters and the dregs of society, and then things go very, very sideways, your average Heritage American is going to tell you privately, “He should’ve dropped a few more of ’em.” And, who were these people? The media is trying their best to portray them as peaceful protestors and heroes. But at this point, most of Heritage America is wise to the fake news racket.

Joseph Rosenbaum, a registered sex offender, and with some serious anger management concerns, was the first person that Kyle allegedly killed. He’s the guy in earlier videos challenging several people to, “shoot me, nigga.” There’s video of him chasing Kyle Rittenhouse, throwing something at him, and then getting shot in the head. Chasing an armed 17-year-old, and one trying to remove himself from a bad situation, probably wasn’t a good idea. Then again, Garrett Foster’s bravado cost him his life, too.

Then, there is Anthony Huber. He’s the man that attacked Kyle with a skateboard (antifa is fond of using skateboards as weapons, just ask Steve Baca). Naturally, the late Mr. Huber is also a convicted felon with a history of violence, including strangulation, domestic abuse, battery, and use of a dangerous weapon. Since he was antifa, he’s posthumously received praise as a “hero” and “rest in power.” Cute, but not likely.

Finally, there’s Gaige Grosskreutz. Grosskreutz has now become a viral meme due to his screaming and crying after Kyle (allegedly) blew away a chunk of his arm. Grosskreutz is seen with a pistol in his hand during the confrontation. Also, he is a convicted felon for burglary and a member of the anarchist group “People’s Revolution Movement.” These aren’t Boy Scouts here and Grosskreutz probably shouldn’t have even had a gun with his felon status.

The intent of this piece is not to encourage Heritage Americans to become vigilante hit squads, not by any stretch. The system is solidly behind the terrorism and destruction unfolding in places like Kenosha, thanks to inept, or conspiring, liberal politicians. The elites want it this way, but they can’t control the mob. That being said, any attempt to privately curtail their carnage, or even defend yourself, will result in someone, be it a Kyle Rittenhouse or some concerned citizen, being thoroughly run through the wringer. Kyle was arrested on Wednesday and charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

Hopefully, that brave kid beats the charge. Mirrored by

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