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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

A New America is forming... and in case you haven’t noticed in your school and neighborhoods and workplaces, it is not good.

What identity will make up the majority of this New America? How will you be involved in? Will you focus on the restoration of the old European Christian Faith, full of purity and equality of doctrine and trueth for all races, including WHITES? Or will you continue to walk in tandem with the affirmative action, and discriminatory agenda of the multicultural narrative of tolerance and decay

of the land our fathers conquered and built for us to raise and protect?

After studying European heritage extensively for about nine years I have come to the conclusion that all of human history has already arrived at after perpetuallay repeated their mistakes. Whereto, miscegenation always eventually results in the genocidal moral and genetic dilution, and retardation of all participating races in all generations.

Is it our pride that lends us to presume that we will be the exception to the rule of natural law? White people of Today will somehow have a different outcome then all our predecessors that were conquered by subjugation? I strongly encourage each of you reading this article to visit our “shop”

and start purchasing books! Join our community and become active in your own skin, or you will wake up one day I realize that everything you believe is a lie fed to you by your enemies. Deus Vult!

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