My son just turned twenty and I couldn't be more optimistic of his future. He is bright, self-controlled, he is morally advanced and has a desire to be better than the average. He just recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend which was an answer to prayer for me.

She was a sweet girl, but she wasn't right for him. I just felt it in my gut. She was struggling with long term illness and had some degenerative flaws that made her a recipe for disaster for her future husband. She came from a non Christian home and sodomy had crept into her immediate family. I had many people praying that God would show himself to my son so that I wouldn't have to preach or try and convince him.

After a few months of collective prayer, my son came to terms with what God was wrestling with him about and I can see the stress lifted from his countenance. He informed me that he joined Christian Mingle and is already chatting with a few "good Christian white girls" and that he promised me he was going to stay virgin minded and respect God and the boundaries that were their for both their protection. He is very into fitness and I am praying his spiritual and physical life brings him the confidence to attract the right European Christian Girl that matches him. God is good. I praise Him for his faithfulness and I just wanted to encourage both young, and older Europeans to continue to turn back their hearts to their own people. Even if everything around you is telling you it's wrong and racist, remember, they've been lying to you since the beginning. LOVE YOUR HERITAGE.

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